OMG the REVOLVE Podcast is Here!


You may know REVOLVE as your favorite online retailer for cute clothes, your go-to IG for lifestyle & travel inspo, or for our notorious parties around the world. Here on the REVOLVE Podcast, we?re taking you behind the feed and showing you the side of REVOLVE you?ve never seen, or heard, before. The REVOLVE Podcast brings together its community of brand builders, entrepreneurs, influencers, industry experts, creators, and muses we know and follow on (and off) the ?gram. Host & REVOLVE?s Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona will have unfiltered conversations with our guests about how they became who they are, lessons learned, sh*t they wish they knew along the way, and what?s really happening in their life today. Welcome to the REVOLVE Podcast

Ep 1: Michael Mente on the Road to REVOLVE, Meditation & the Influence of Jordan & Jay-Z

What do Phil Jackson and Jay-Z have in common? Other than being absolutely on top of their game, they both have inspired our very first guest to be on top of his. The elusive Michael Mente, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of REVOLVE sits down with Raissa Gerona, and opens up on the inner workings of being half owner of a billion-dollar brand and the intense mindfulness that comes along with it. Join Raissa a she gets candid with Michael on everything from diving deep into his 12-year meditation practice, navigating a company through a pandemic, and how rap lyrics from one of his favorite songs has brought this pair full circle.

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